Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub

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Skin grows old and peels naturally. Left to their own devices dead layers of skin will sit on the surface until they either flake or are brushed away. Beneath dead skin pores build up deposits of sebum, the oil our skin naturally produces. Over time these deposits collect particles of dirt creating blackheads and unhealthy looking skin. Regular exfoliation with a well balanced and complete face scrub like Rock & Roll Suicide will remove this build up of unwanted material, cleaning out dirty pores and revealing the fresh layers of good skin underneath. 

Infused with a unique natural fragrance that we call 'Smoke and Wood', Rock & Roll Suicide is engineered with safe, efficient science combined with natural ingredients to be your own personal 'Mr WOLFE' for the face


Volcanic Ash is created when solid rock shatters and magma separates into minute particles during volcanic activity. A little like diamonds, this stuff is created under pressure. As a result this amazing organic matter is the star ingredient for a hard working face scrub. It acts as a natural abrasive and combines perfectly with natural clays for deep exfoliation.

Green Clay is a super absorbent clay. We like to think of it as Kryptonite for blackheads. It's unbeatable at drawing out dirt and impurities from oily skin. It's nourishing too, being naturally rich in iron, magnesium and potassium.

  • Volcanic ash slews away dead skin
  • Kaolin acts as an astringent
  • Green clay draws out impurities
  • For all skin types

The ingredients are what really makes this product. Volcanic Ash: Acts as a natural exfoliating abrasive to help remove dirt and dead skin, it combines perfectly with the natural clays to exfoliate the skin deeply and completely, whilst be gentle and leaving skin soft and fresh. Kaolin: a wonder clay with well documented astringent qualities that helps to clean away the daily grime of life from skins pores. In this scrub kaolin works like the bass player in the band, keeping everything in tune. It's also known to improve lymphatic flow and increase circulation, nice to have. Green Clay: a bold and beautiful bentonite clay (think Kryptonite for blackheads) that is unbeatable at drawing out dirt and impurities from oily skin. It is a highly effective yet smooth and nourishing clay, rich in iron, magnesium and potassium - the drums and percussion. Triumph & Disaster named this product 'Rock & Roll Suicide' is from a David Bowie song about losing your fame and growing old, perfect for our face scrub. The Rock & Roll Suicide Exfoliating Scrub combines nutrient rich clays and Volcanic Ash for a gentle, smooth all over exfoliation that draws out impurities. This all natural exfoliating scrub is not for the faint of heart. Built to clean deep, it will be to your face what Zeppelin was to Rock & Roll.